Understanding horses with ideas you wish you knew before!

Understanding horses doesn’t have to be hard, you just have to remain open to learning new things. We don’t need to be a “horse whisperer” in order to enjoy our riding time. That is certainly true, but I expect you already have considerable knowledge of your horse’s thinking process if your riding time is enjoyable for BOTH you AND your horse. Note the emphasis on your horse also enjoying his time with you.

I’m still riding at age 79 and teaching both jumping and dressage and, of course, just general horsemanship. But in those years understanding how horses think and understanding their body language or teaching myself to be attuned to my horse’s behavior has not changed. Horses are horses and they don’t think or react like humans. It’s been an ongoing learning process.

There is a never-ending learning curve in understanding horses.

Understanding horses, happy horse showing

Ebony, Trakehner mare

If we’re lucky we are able to spend time with many horses, the more the better, because they each and every one will teach us something if we are sensitive to their body language, their moods and their temperaments. We need to see things through their eyes and be very aware of what gets their attention because they see and hear things that we do not. We especially need to understand their emotions. In other words, are we always aware of each horse as an individual? Are we aware whether our horse is happy?

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Great new site Joan. Keep up the good work!

Thanks. It’s still a work in progress.

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