Does following a pattern help in understanding your horse?

Waiting for someone to come

Waiting for someone

A well-thought-out pattern will help you in understanding your horse.

Every day is a new day when we greet our horse and we will have a better time if we begin immediately to study how our horse greets us.

It’s very important for us to recognize our horse’s normal behavior and to recognize any change, no matter how subtle. He is trying to tell us something with everything from the look in his eyes to his body movements.

Have you noticed how we usually follow a pattern beginning when we greet our horse and then saddling up? Horses do well with patterns. They know what’s next and what they should do. It’s here in a pattern that it’s easy to see a change in our horse’s attitude and it’s important we DO see it. This is your opportunity to be a true horseman and more than just a rider. It’s the little things that count!

Following a pattern of grooming, saddling, mounting, or washing is a smart way to give your horse confidence and keep both of you happy with each other. This is especially true if you are working with a young horse or a horse new to you and it is completely true if you are working with a nervous horse.

Do you follow a pattern with your horse? Has it helped? I would like to know if you agree.

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