Your horse’s bad hair day is coming!

It’s that time of year again, shedding time! Understand how your horse feels about it!
horse's bad hair day

Winter Hair But Warm Pony

Our horse’s bad hair day is coming with the shedding season but we work through it knowing a gleaming, short summer coat will be coming soon. Understanding your horse’s body language is important now because many horses, especially mares, do not appreciate all the currying that is needed.

Do you think our horses even notice? We certainly notice. There’s hair all over the place and, unfortunately, all over us as well as we brush and curry and brush some more and the winter hair just keeps coming out.

During horse shedding season any and all help in getting rid of all those long, long winter hairs is welcome. And we all know how hairy horses and ponies get in the winter as they make it quite obvious that they are determined to stay warm no matter what!

Still, we sweep up that dirty long hair and look forward to a gleaming, short and easily kept summer coat!

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